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Korean Epidermal Growth Factor EGF Serum

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EGF(Epidermal growth factor) Frequency: Morning or evening available Suitable for: all skin types can be used Use these steps: cleaning - Toner ---- lyophilized powder - cream - lotion / cream - Cream - SPF Preservation method: Do not open the bottle for 2 years. after opening, can saving about 7 days. Placed in the refrigerator activity can be stored for 15 days or so (because of high activity, concentration, each run is appropriate for 5 days). The scope of application 1. peels, dermabrasion, laser skin treatment, photorejuvenation, medical cosmetic surgery needs repair of damaged skin. 2. sunburn, radiation, frostbite, burns and chapped skin 3. pattern, embroider eyebrow and lip after bleaching the skin in need of care 4.freckle and whitening skin repair after 5. acne treatment, wound repair and maintenance. Skin experts recommend 1. this product is not with other chemical classes with the use of beauty products directly. 2.peels, dermabrasion, laser skin treatment, photorejuvenation, medical use of cosmetic surgery, you must first clean the wound with saline. 3. this product is suitable for all skin types. Can be used for long-term allergic skin repair and maintenance. Beauty of the six effect: 1. rejuvenation effects EGF stimulates the ectoderm and endoderm origin of a variety of cell proliferation and migration, speed up metabolism to achieve the effect of skin metabolism. But also can promote the metabolism of skin vascular wall cells, increased capillary density, improve skin microcirculation, so that blood smooth, ruddy complexion. 2.moisturize the skin EGF can promote DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis function, to promote extracellular macromolecules (such as hyaluronic acid, elastic fiber protein) synthesis and secretion, increase in skin moisture content, which increases skin elasticity, skin moisture. 3.eliminate wrinkles EGF promotes cell from the extracellular active nutrients transported to the cell, an increase in intracellular nutrition, rapid generation of new cells, so that senescent cells quickly keratosis, loss, promote dermis cells synthesize collagen fibers, polysaccharides, glycoproteins and other functional molecules that has been broken, denatured collagen and elastic fibers have been restored, tight muscle fibers arranged in neat rows, thus reducing and eliminating wrinkles. wounds Stimulation with EGF receptor binding epidermal (including a variety of tissue-derived epithelial cells, a variety of mesenchymal cells) cells into the cell division cycle, the start of some important genes cell activation, expression and production of biologically active proteins. Promote collagen fibers are arranged linearly, epidermal growth fast rules in time to cover the wound. Significantly accelerate the beauty, cosmetic surgery and other skin trauma, wound healing, and keep the wound is smooth, so that scar reduction or disappearance and reduce pigmentation. 5. prevents pigmentation EGF on the proliferation of epidermal cells have a stronger role in promoting epidermal cells become younger after use, so that increase in the proportion of new cells, reduce skin melanin content and colored cells, making the skin tissues have less pigment and dead cells The residues accumulate, the skin smooth and fair complexion showed eliminate bruising and abnormal skin pigmentation and other manifestations. In speckle EGF treatment and recovery period can effectively curb the use of pigmented spots recurrence. 6.the prevention and treatment of dry skin Since EGF has a strong promote epidermal cell proliferation and moisturize the skin effect, the experiment proved EGF can be very effective in the prevention and treatment of dry and cold winter weather and other causes of dry skin


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